ISLP Mission

ISLP provides the pro bono services of highly skilled and experienced lawyers to promote human rights, equitable and sustainable economic development and the rule of law worldwide. It assists governments, non-governmental organizations and other institutions working to build legal capacity and to advance the rights and well-being of their citizens.

Promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution

ISLP is involved in several projects to advance Alternative Dispute Resolution. In May, ISLP sent a White & Case partner to the Lagos Court of Arbitration to lead clinics for 25 Nigerian judges on the role of courts in the arbitral process. White & Case also led a training for the newly established Chamber of Conciliation and Arbitration of Haiti. ISLP-Europe launched a pilot project to utilize mediation to resolve certain cases before the ECHR.

Focus On: Equitable Economic Development

Over the past seven years, ISLP has developed a significant program of assistance to several governments of least developed countries with their efforts to improve the management and governance of their countries’ extractive sector wealth. This is an area where ISLP is uniquely qualified to support both governments and local communities with some of the most experienced mining, environmental, tax, and other international transactions lawyers in the world.

Impact in the Field: Strategic Defense in Cambodia

Public interest litigation can raise awareness of issues, hold governments to account and challenge laws that violate equality or human rights standards. A vivid example of PIL in practice is a current ISLP collaboration in Cambodia, a country in the grip of a land-grabbing crisis where the government and private developers often operate together to displace communities from their land, forcibly and without compensation or color of law.