ISLP Mission

ISLP provides the pro bono services of highly skilled and experienced lawyers to promote human rights, equitable and sustainable economic development and the rule of law worldwide. It assists governments, non-governmental organizations and other institutions working to build legal capacity and to advance the rights and well-being of their citizens.

ISLP Report Finds Serious Violations of Fair Trial Rights for Cambodian Garment Workers

ISLP, with the expert support of Destination Justice, monitored and issued a report on the trials of 23 Cambodian nationals who were arrested, criminally charged, and convicted in connection with the garment worker protests of January 2014. The report expresses strong concern as to the fairness of the April-May 2014 trials. Issues include the lack of due process, failure of the government to provide an independent and impartial tribunal, serious irregularities with regard to pretrial detention, access to medical care, and other basic principles of criminal justice and human rights.

Focus On: Equitable Economic Development

Over the past seven years, ISLP has developed a significant program of assistance to several governments of least developed countries with their efforts to improve the management and governance of their countries’ extractive sector wealth. This is an area where ISLP is uniquely qualified to support both governments and local communities with some of the most experienced mining, environmental, tax, and other international transactions lawyers in the world.