ISLP-UK Board Meeting, 2nd November 2017

On 2nd November 2017 the ISLP-UK Board met for their regularBoard meeting in the offices of Hogan Lovells in Holborn, London. Five trustees were available in person, to discuss all of the issues pertaining to ISLP UK operations. Nicholas Cheffings, Tim Souter, Anthony Inglese, Joanna Ludlam and Gavin Davies, the Board Chair were joined on the telephone by Tunde Ogowewo in Nigeria, Joseph Bell in the USA and the Executive Director Katherine Mulhern in the Gambia. 


Susan Hazledine, ISLP UK Executive Director took the Board through all of the major issues including the Board pack, the strategy, accommodation, projects and budget details. Board Chair Gavin Davies stressed the unity of the US and the UK Boards and the desire to expand the UK Board with some fresh faces.There was also wholehearted support for the newest strategy document produced by the staff. 


The next Board meeting is slated for early next year but the Board and Staff will continue to liaise on a monthly basis in the interim. Many thanks to Hogan Lovells for hosting the meeting.