ISLP Colombia Murder Trial Observation Report Calls for Protection of Witnesses and Human Rights Defenders

ISLP recently observed a court hearing in which human rights defender and lawyer, Yessika Hoyos Morales, gave testimony in the trial of the man accused of ordering the killing of her own father.  ISLP’s criminal law expert, Jacqueline Vallejo, acted as trial observer at this sensitive hearing.  She also met in person with Colombian authorities concerning the trial and to seek assurances that harassment endured by Ms Hoyos (that has intensified with the progress of her work on this and other cases) would be properly investigated.  


The report on the mission published below draws several important conclusions about the trial and related meetings.  These conclusions include striking observations about the lack of sufficient measures to ensure that witnesses can give evidence free from fear and intimidation and a call to improve those measures. Another fundamental issue highlighted by the report is the vital importance of tackling delays in the court system that can effectively undermine examinations of human rights complaints.  


Please read the full report here: Trial Observation Report.