Executive Director in Kigali, Rwanda for Capacity Building Training

Katherine Mulhern, Executive Director of ISLP, has been in Kigali, Rwanda participating in a program organised by the African Legal Support Facility in partnership with the Connex Support Unit. The Program, entitled ‘Executive Training for State Representatives on Boards of Directors’ consisted of a two day workshop including panel discussions, practical exercises, case studies and group presentations.


The aim of the training provide capacity building to government directors on company boards, specifically in the extractives and PPP projects and to enhance corporate governance. 


Topics covered included corporate organization, sources of corporate authority and regulation over corporations, voting rights, rights to information, rights of minority shareholders, using third party advisers, fiduciary duties of directors, risk management, potential conflicts of interest and many more.


The training reached maximum capacity with thirty representatives in attendance. ISLP would like to extend our thanks and support for the event.