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Iran: Analysis of Human Rights Exceptions of Iran Sanctions

July 2014 ISLP research report will be released soon.


Fiji: Analysis of Draft Constitution

May 2013 ISLP analysis of Fiji's Draft Consitution.  After appointing the Constitution Commission to draft a new constitution, the Fiji government rejected the Commission's draft and created its own draft constitution. The government plans to have a final constitution adopted in June. In this document, an ISLP volunteer analyzes the Fiji government's draft constitution.

Fiji: Analysis of Media and Public Order Decrees for Constitutional Commission

January 2013 ISLP prepared an analysis of Fiji's Media Industry Development Decree of 2010 including an issues list and best practices summary for the Constitutional Commission, an independent organization chaired by Prof. Yash Ghai, an internationally recognized constitutional expert selected by Fiji's military-led government and tasked with drafting a new constitution for the island nation. ISLP's volunteers identified five issues of special concern in the Media Decree. At the same time, another team of volunteers from ISLP-UK, Kirsty Brimelow QC and Annabelle Timan of Doughty Street Chambers, provided the Commission with an analysis of Fiji's Public Order Decree that had raised serious concerns in the international community about its severe limitation of Fijian's rights and freedoms. Finally, an additional comparative analysis of Decree 4, the Political Parties Decree, was prepared as a follow-up to those previously provided to the Commission.

The final version of the Commission's draft Constitution was released online by Prof. Ghai.



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