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Law Firm Pro Bono Docket

Each year ISLP works with scores of firms whose lawyers provide, pro bono, desk-based assistance, research and analysis to NGO and developing country government clients who otherwise would not have access to such vital assistance. ISLP is deeply grateful to firms for this support.

"We would like to express our deep appreciation for your preparation of the Comparative Analysis...The document will provide a great contribution to the discussion on the implementation of the law which penalizes acts of Racism and Discrimination that was recently signed by the President of Colombia."         - Representante Legal, the National Movement for Human Rights of Afro-Colombians - CIMARRÓN


  • Comparative study of national laws and regional agreements related to the sharing of resources that cross national boundaries.
  • Analysis of trade requirements and import–export restrictions between Lesotho and South Africa.
  • Review of draft Special Economic Zone law for Liberia.
  • Preparation of regulations for Liberia's Public Procurement and Concessions Act.
  • Assistance with the Democratic Republic of Congo's draft hydrocarbons law.
  • Briefing paper on the case backlog and improvements at the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights.
  • Advice on Sudanese law relating to the forcible eviction of Sudanese families.
  • Briefing paper on the state's duty to investigate human rights violations.
  • Comparative research on land reform policies in Africa.


Middle East

  • Research on the human rights impact of sanctions against Iran.
  • Research regarding the protection of property rights and land title in Libya.
  • Comparative research on national laws in the Middle East and international standards around the definition of rape.


Latin America

  • Analysis of a draft Regularization Plan for the Dominican Republic and research on related best practices.
  • Amicus brief for a case involving judicial independence in Ecuador.
  • Memoranda on land reform efforts in Haiti.
  • Comparative research on standards for government accountability in cases of police violence in Peru.
  • Provision of comments on a proposed draft law and national policy on microfinance in Haiti.
  • Analysis of the draft Inter-American Convention against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination and Intolerance.
  • Analysis of a draft anti-discrimination law in Colombia.
  • Draft protective measures for threatened Afro-Colombian leaders.
  • Report regarding government harassment of independent radio stations in Peru.
  • Research on substantive law and procedures for bringing eviction actions in Haiti.
  • Drafting of accessibility regulations for the Haitian Secretariat for the Rights of Disabled Persons.



  • Comparative research for proposed reforms to laws governing compulsory takings of farmland in China.
  • Research on jurisdictional and procedural issues to bringing a conversion claim against UK companies in an English court for land grabbing in Cambodia.
  • Draft shadow report on women’s rights in Cambodia for submission to the UN CEDAW Committee.
  • Draft complaint challenging discriminatory citizenship policies in Nepal.
  • Comment on draft press and media laws in Myanmar.
  • Memorandum on international standards related to the broadcasting law in Myanmar.
  • Memorandum on public participation mechanisms in constitutional reform for a civil society group in Myanmar.



  • Research on the promotion of mediation in Bulgaria.
  • Research on rules governing non-pecuniary damage awards by the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Research on the viability of pursuing litigation to advance the right to housing at an EU level.
  • Memorandum on U.S. and European Court of Human Rights norms for press protection.
  • Memorandum on standing before the European Court of Human Rights for civil society representatives of severely disabled persons.
  • Memorandum on gender discrimination in access to medical treatment in Poland.
  • Memorandum on the treatment of unfair commercial practices under European Law.
  • Memorandum on the viability of certain claims for reparations in Europe.
  • Intervenor's brief in a case on before the European Court of Human Rights aimed at protecting lawyers' offices from searches.



  • Assistance regarding the "Conflict Minerals" and "Extractive Industry Disclosure" provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.
  • Research and comments on must carry regulations and draft amendments to the Republic of Georgia Law on Broadcasting.
  • Research on model open meetings legislation and implementation procedures.
  • Research on public access to corporate tax returns and audited financial materials.
  • Research into performance requirements in international investment treaties.
  • Memorandum on structuring social impact investment vehicles.
  • Comparative study of strategies to minimize sexual violence in prisons.