Global Reach

ISLP does not limit its pro bono activities to any one region of the world, but responds primarily to requests for assistance from groups and governments within countries identified by the United Nations as "least developed nations."

In over twelve years of programming, ISLP has implemented more than 700 projects, providing high quality legal assistance to international organizations, governmental agencies, local civil society organizations and other legal assistance providers in 79 countries.

ISLP volunteers have, to date, worked onsite in 51 countries. Learn more at Where We Work.

ISLP's global reach can also be considered in terms of the significant achievements found in the day-to-day interactions of volunteers with local lawyers and government officials; the comprehensive training manuals prepared and workshops delivered to those wishing to build their capacity; and the forward-looking provisions of laws drafted with ISLP assistance that protect women's rights, advance criminal justice, reform health care, promote transparency and create a more level economic playing field.

With the challenges and the needs for international pro bono legal assistance mounting, the International Senior Lawyers Project is constantly working to expand and deepen the impact of its programs. Through its affiliates ISLP-Europe in Paris and ISLP-UK in London, ISLP has significantly strengthened its capacity to engage volunteer senior lawyers trained in both civil law and common law and proficient in the languages of many of the places where the organization is at work. Outreach to potential clients also continues to grow.

ISLP is able to extend its reach a bit further each day thanks to the energy and commitment of its volunteer lawyers, the support of many law firms, and the generosity of its funders.