CID Team Seeking New Myanmar In Country Consultant!

ISLP is seeking to hire a Myanmar-based consultant to help facilitate a program of strategic legal assistance to empower civil society to advance equitable, sustainable, community-inclusive development in Myanmar.


The Consultant will be expected to help facilitate work for the Program in close coordination with and under the direction of ISLP’s Director of Community Inclusive Development (CID Director).  As the CID Director is based in New York, the Consultant will be expected to facilitate much of the work that must be conducted in Myanmar, including planning and attending meetings among clients, partners, and ISLP’s staff and pro bono lawyers, organizing and implementing in-country events, such as training programs, and coordinating the field work of ISLP’s pro bono lawyers and others as necessary.  The Consultant will also need to be available for regular consultation and check-ins with the CID Director.


The primary responsibilities expected of the Consultant include:


  • Maintain relationships for ISLP with clients and partners in Myanmar;
  • Scope potential ISLP projects, clients, and partners and assist ISLP New York in collecting information necessary to conduct due diligence;
  • Participate in bi-weekly calls with ISLP New York staff to coordinate regarding prospective and ongoing projects and to evaluation Program progress;
  • Provide bi-weekly written updates on Program progress (changes, meetings notes, updates; impacts; and request from clients and partners);
  • Attend meetings and events in Myanmar relevant to Program priorities;
  • Assist in collection of information required for grant reporting (narrative and financial);
  • Provide in-country logistical support to ISLP New York staff and volunteers when in Myanmar;
  • Provide logistical support and in-person coordination and oversight during workshops;
  • Assist in gathering Myanmar-side information required for project budgets (e.g. venue rental; local travel costs); and

Provide timely notification about potential risks and issues relevant to Program.


If this sounds like something you might be interested in or know someone who might be a good fit, why not get more information by emailing: