Albanian Magistrates School: 20th Anniversary

The Albanian Magistrates’ School was proud to celebrate its 20th Anniversary this week, on 2nd October 2017. The ISLP Country Representative, Dinora Aleksi, attended as did the EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin and  US Ambassador Donald Lu (read the full text of Ambassador Lu’s speech here.)
Both ambassadors stressed the significance of the Magistrates’ School in the context of Albania’s fight against corruption and organised crime. Ambassador Vlahutin says “I cannot underline enough how crucial the role of the School of Magistrates will be in supporting the implementation of justice reform. It will be the engine that will sustain the new judiciary, by educating new generations who will take over, strengthen and lead justice in Albania to highest European standards.”
Over the past three years ISLP volunteers have worked to build a professional training programme for judges and prosecutors in support of the School’s role in the justice reform agenda. As an organisation we are incredibly grateful to all of the individuals who have contributed their time and expertise to this important initiative.  As the judicial vetting gets underway we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Magistrates’ School and strengthening our ties with the Albanian legal community.